Shakespeare, Canterbury - Open sandwich

We don't do things by half

The Shakespeare in Butchery Lane Canterbury has returned!  After a complete, extensive renovation, updating everything from the floors to the ceilings, the public house opened in August 2013 to welcome and spoil people once again.  

The changes weren't limited just to the decor - far from it!  With a revamped menu, containing an array of tantalising new dishes as well as our tried and tested classics, combined with a specially selected group of wines and ales - there is sure to be something that everyone can enjoy.

Come and let our passionate, warm, welcoming team look after you and enjoy the new surroundings, tastes and tipples offered at the Shakespeare!

Shakespeare, Canterbury - Prawn
Shakespeare, Canterbury - Sharing board

Wholesomely home grown

Just like Mr Shakespeare, our establishment and our food reflects the highest standards, whilst remaining distinctly British.  We do a lot of things very well here in the UK, and The Shakespeare is the perfect stage (excuse the pun!) to show off some of these skills and products.

Where possible, we source all of our ingredients locally, and use only 100% British Beef.  Our specialist ales are brewed just 10 miles away in the local town of Faversham, and even our bar nibbles are made right here, in the heart of Kent.

Looking to discover the true taste of Britain?  Look no further than the Shakespeare Pub, Butchery Lane in Canterbury, Kent.

Nicoleta Oproiu - General Manager / Gavin Hardaker - Head Chef